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How to Make Your Bride’s Mother Speech Professionally

While you might completely lack any “professional” training in writing a mother of the bride speech, by following some simple concepts you can make it happen in an even more wonderful way than you ever thought. Women have a different way of speaking and they have more ideas, more emotions and feelings to share, more devotion to what they do generally.

Correctly presenting feelings

happy coupleYou need to have a right attitude in presenting your own feelings. Crying out loudly, in an uncontrolled outcome of what you call “emotions” during the speech is not the right way to present your message. Also, you can’t keep talking about the feelings you have for 10 minutes, trying to make everyone compassionate about you. FIND HERE 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

First of all, the day is your daughter’s day! She is the one being celebrated, she is the one who has a unique event. In consequence, you need to focus more on her than yourself. Still a big question arises: what do you do then with your own feelings? Hide them or ignore them?

The short answer: no. You need to make sure that your eyes, and your facial expressions both reflect the honest feelings, from the depth of your heart, during the speech. This, however, doesn’t mean that you will make it excessive and exaggerated. Make sure that you can somehow be in control of it all. The best way to control the feelings you have is by practicing from home. When you’re alone and you have free time, nobody will ever bother you and you can freely manifest in your natural way. You don’t need to pretend at home, but still you can gain experience because you will be prepared from every point of view.

Then with every feeling you have, there are also words and body expressions. You need to make sure you combine it all into something expressive, simple and elegant. In other words, you need to make sure it’s suitable for the mother of the bride speech. What is suitable for your speech? Anything that shows honest emotions, but at the same time is able to focus on the couple and on connecting with the guests will be a correct attitude.

Speak professional words

What you are probably most intrigued about is how you can speak in professional words, such as one who already has some sort of training and is able to make things differently? Well, you need training, but this training (thank God) is not expensive, because you will do it at home, alone!

What do you need first? You need a couple of very good sources of inspiration for writing elevated words, appropriate for your daughter’s finest event. Here’s a short list of what can become great inspiration:

  • I can’t make a list, because it would be continued in the coming weeks and months until, probably, the movie list research could be complete. Still, there are enough movies (actually more than enough) to show you romance, drama, love, marriage, separation – all sorts of life events you probably had in your family or your close friends know what these movies are talking about. Obviously, when it comes to comedies, it’s not always too realistic, some things are also exaggerated or presented ironically. You don’t need to take the second meaning of reality and you don’t need irony – but take the real parts instead!
  • Today books are many times ignored, and we tend to read articles instead. I am fine with articles and we all are – they are great. Still, thousands and millions of books written only in the past few decades worldwide can teach us so many things. Obviously, no born human ever has the time to read them all, but everyone has enough time to make a valuable selection and read as much as required. It may be 5 books, or for other it may be 50 books. It all depends on how passionate the person is (yes, there are still people who read a book every day or every three days for longer books for at least 30 years). Find the books that seem most valuable and that seem to have the right information for the mother of the bride speech. Again, many genres will be fine and many topics will give you great ideas. You don’t need to read only the books that were written for wedding speeches, but you can take many more books. Finally, you will have so many ideas to use in your speech!
  • Videos of different people speaking at weddings. There are both amateurs and professionals, but mostly amateurs, who posted thousands of videos with speaking at weddings or other events. You can take a look at tens or hundreds of them, depending on your free time. From each video I am convinced that you will learn something great to use and apply in your life. Don’t be shy and don’t feel to wise to learn from others – there are always creative and funny people, who reinvent things and apply them differently, giving us inspiration and new clever ideas.


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Be in Control of your Mother of the Bride Speech

Being in the control of a mother of the bride speech, especially as the event gets closer in time, is very hard. You see, there are a lot of things you need to handle and a lot of confusion as to how things should be done. If you follow the tips given here, you will be able to make it all in an easier way, without the stress.

What is your husband doing?

Now, there are different cases. You are the bride’s mother and you can’t let your daughter down, because you must fulfill the position of speaking at her wedding. Then, your husband might be categorized in several different categories:

  • He might be unable to speak. There are men who have more emotions or find themselves not being able to formulate the right words. In these cases, it is quite common for their wives to speak for them too.
  • Maybe your husband passed away. A late husband means that you need to speak imagining that he was there, happy for your daughter. This is probably a bit more emotional, but you need to consider it that way if it’s your case.
  • You are divorced and he denied his obligation to speak. Even if this is the case, you still need to speak.
  • He is speaking too, so you need to give room for his father of the bride speech too.

It is always important for the mother of the bride to speak. Your bond with your daughter is always closer, due to the fact that men can’t always understand everything women do. DOWNLOAD 25 Mother of the Bride Speeches

So, in conclusion to what your husband is doing – you need to consider him too. If he’s not speaking, it might be slightly easier for you. Although it is easier, you must mention him and you must tell people that your husband also wants to express his thoughts and you’re saying it on his behalf. If he’s shy, try some fine joke to cover him. If your husband isn’t among us anymore, then you should tell people that he would’ve been honored and very happy to see your daughter as a happy bride. You don’t need many words, but you need to be honest. More

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Advice for your Bride’s Mother Wedding Speech

To create a perfect gifted wedding speech will many times require some clear guidance and some great technique to overcome any of those strong emotions that might stream. As a mother, you will have an active role in your daughter’s wedding. Planning, organizing and many other arrangements to fulfill and delivering the speech in time – all these things will say their words in the weeks before the happy event. Unpredictable situations might give you a dose of headaches sometimes and you’ll feel that everything is getting closer and closer as days pass by.

wedding toasts

However, it is necessary to understand that you have to make room in your busy schedule not only to write the mother of the bride speech, but also to practice how all is going to go. Any mother wishes the best for her daughter and wants to write and perform in a manner that will touch any heart that is present.

The most encountered negative feelings that can make room in your head are related to the presentation. But indeed, there can be times when any speaker lives his or her emotions flowing and all the speech transforms in a melodramatic story line or it becomes too boring. You can avoid all this by following some simple steps that will help you connect with the audience and make your daughter happy at the end of the day. Here you will find 25 Wedding Speech Examples

First, try to acknowledge that you are not at work or at any Oscar nomination, but you are at your daughter’s wedding so act like it. One of the most important ways to lead a pleasant conversation or to deliver a speech is to look at the person that you are talking to, make stable eye contact and then state all that you have to say.

Avoid coming to your daughter’s wedding with notes, because that way you’ll be tempted most of the time to look at what you’ve written instead of the audience. Maybe it is your first time when you are holding a speech / bride’s mother wedding speech in front of a large or a small group of people and you are nervous to do it. More

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Mother of the Bride Speech

bride's parents wedding speechMothers are great in wedding speeches, but it’s not always too easy to give a mother of the bride speech to speak to people’s hearts. This happens because although you might have amazing ideas and although you might speak from the deepest corners of your heart, you might simply miss that one special element in your speech which is the part where people (your guests as well as your family members) feel touched. Yes, I am talking about triggering positive emotions and/or positive memories, just by speaking. More Examples

If you are now asking “okay, so what do I do?” then you are interested and you are on the right track! You will happily find out that the small things will turn your mother of the bride speech into an amazing one, as you won’t need any special talent or extra knowledge to become simply great with your speech. Let’s now talk about different simple, but important things to remember, especially if you want people to feel touched and to make them feel great about coming to your daughter’s wedding!

Honestly speaking mothers are respected

Although some people have no idea, your family members and some of the guests have already found out the realities about your relationship with your daughter as well as your relationship with the groom. So, it’s very important to speak from an honest heart. You are about to give your mother of the bride speech and you have just realized that you have made some terrible mistakes in the past or in the present, regretting some of the things you have done? If that is your case, then what you should do is quite simple. You can begin your speech – after the formal introduction of course – saying that you publicly apologize for the things you have done against your daughter (and/or other people in case) and that you don’t want to repeat those mistakes again and that you have decided to be there for your daughter no matter what happens from now on. More

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Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

bride's mother speechesSome people might ask themselves – so what could wisdom mean, if we are thinking about a wedding speech? The key idea and the key surprise-element we are focusing on here is how you can be wise and amazing within your mother of the bride wedding speech. As a mother, you surely want to make your daughter feel special and keep on visiting you frequently after the wedding and the honeymoon isn’t it? In order to achieve that, you can’t be the ordinary mother or the average mother to speak. You should be armed with surprises, with speech elements that are unexpected yet great. Click Here for Speech Examples

One of my deepest thoughts in life is that wisdom can only come with the perfect combination of knowledge and experience. However, if we manage to spice that up with some creativity, then we can righteously say that we have some wisdom within! So, the main idea is that we will know focus on these three important elements mentioned hereinabove.

The knowledge you need

Since this is not school – it’s rather the school of life – the knowledge you are going to need for a great mother of the bride wedding speech is simple to obtain, but you need to know where to get it from. I recommend, before anything else, that you read as many speech templates, speech tips as possible. Where to read them? Online, I would say. However, it might happen that you find them in magazines, older books or any similar sources around. More

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