bride's mother speechesSome people might ask themselves – so what could wisdom mean, if we are thinking about a wedding speech? The key idea and the key surprise-element we are focusing on here is how you can be wise and amazing within your mother of the bride wedding speech. As a mother, you surely want to make your daughter feel special and keep on visiting you frequently after the wedding and the honeymoon isn’t it? In order to achieve that, you can’t be the ordinary mother or the average mother to speak. You should be armed with surprises, with speech elements that are unexpected yet great. Click Here for Speech Examples

One of my deepest thoughts in life is that wisdom can only come with the perfect combination of knowledge and experience. However, if we manage to spice that up with some creativity, then we can righteously say that we have some wisdom within! So, the main idea is that we will know focus on these three important elements mentioned hereinabove.

The knowledge you need

Since this is not school – it’s rather the school of life – the knowledge you are going to need for a great mother of the bride wedding speech is simple to obtain, but you need to know where to get it from. I recommend, before anything else, that you read as many speech templates, speech tips as possible. Where to read them? Online, I would say. However, it might happen that you find them in magazines, older books or any similar sources around.

That is not the only source of knowledge out there. You can also read on forums, to find out how other mothers handled their speeches. You will never get that perfect mother of the bride wedding speech online, so you can sit back and feel relaxed. All you need to do is grab a pen and take some notes. Yes, you will definitely end up with a really long and wonderful list of ideas. Once you have those ideas, find the duplicate ideas and eliminate duplicates. Then, try to put the ideas to match the speech structure. Lastly, you will end up having the best ideas and it’s easy to move forward with those.

Experience and the perfect speech

Does this little heading sound too optimistic for you? That’s the idea! If we move forward in a positive way, then all the results we ever get are the positive ones. Here, I am not referring to experience as giving wedding speeches before. However, there are some exceptions in these cases. For instance, your daughter could not be the oldest daughter in the family, thus you might have given another mother of the bride wedding speech for her older sister before. If you have such an experience, it’s great!

Another type of experience is that if you had a job where you were needed to stand in front of people and start talking. Such jobs help you gather some skills which are quite useful within your mother of the bride wedding speech.

The type of experience that is common to every mother, is the objective experience, meaning that you have experience by observing other people, without being completely involved in their lives. Also, for some mothers, you might be deeply involved in some people’s lives outside of your family. Regardless of where and how you were (or still are) involved, this is a useful experience to use.

Methods to add creativity as a spice

Definitely, if you think that by knowledge and experience you have all the wisdom in your mother of the bride wedding speech, you’re only partially right about things. You see, people actually seek creativity instinctively. Otherwise, why would anyone change cars or phones? If we weren’t ‘set’ to look for new things, we’d say everything is perfect and fine, without ever needing to change anything. You see where I am getting now, right?

Creativity can be collected from various sources. I recommend talking to kids, going to local stores which have special items on sale, such as items that are used to decorate one’s rooms. Decoration pieces might give you a lot of ideas on lifestyle, on how an ordinary thing can be used creatively.

Then, there are amazing web pages, amazing books and great movies to be inspired from. So many of them include romanticism and weddings! It’s just for you to pick the ideas and combine them all into something perfect. It might seem like a difficult thing, but it’s simpler than that.

Ideally, the above mentioned thoughts are my thoughts and reflections on how you can truly be wise with your mother of the bride wedding speech. Of course, since this isn’t a book (it’s merely an article), you are encouraged to complete the information gathered here and add your own ideas to what you have read and enjoyed. Even more – if you feel like you have something more, that I gave you other perspectives or inspiration, then feel free to follow your heart!

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