Writing a mother of the bride speech can either be something very easy and long-waited for you or it can be the greatest headache ever. But what are the causes of such headaches, since it is all about your daughter? The problem is not about your daughter, neither it is about the relationship you have with her. The only really problematic situation is that many times, when writing any wedding speech, we don’t really know how to do it, we are confused on many aspects. And then, even if we know how one can write it, it’s still a huge issue of being satisfied with its quality or not, being sure about expressing all of what you wanted and things like that.

This article is all about simplifying the bride’s mother speech for everyone. We now want to present it in a real, but easy to understand way, making sure that as soon as you have finished reading this, you will be able to simply write your own speech.

The thoughts, the time before the speech

Before the speech, there are weeks and months standing ahead of you, in which you can simply prepare all aspects of the speech. In this time, you will have a lot of bright ideas, all on how to tell the perfect speech. What usually happens, is that you have a real overflow of ideas, thus resulting in a chaos that is present in your brain. This is not really helpful and it will only take your ideas and time away, causing you to act stressed and have a lot of inside frustration that can’t even seem to find a solution.

wedding toastJust stand up and say no to these things from within! All you need to do is a little bit of organizing and then you don’t have an overflow anymore. The problem we often face as people is that we like to make everything sound very complicated, while they are all very simple things that can easily be achieved by anyone. The truth is that you only need some paper, a pen and making some notes about your ideas.

Then, the paper will probably contain a lot of duplicate ideas. These duplicate ideas are then to be eliminated one by one, because such ideas are destructive and they bring chaos. The simpler the notes are, the easier for you to write the final version of the mother of the bride speech.

So, what do you finally do to succeed? All you need is having a clear list of good ideas written on paper!

Obviously, you need to estimate things in time and make it correctly, because you won’t have too much free time at hand. You will either help your daughter or complete your daily routine. Thus, all of these wedding speech ideas must be written either early in the morning or after the work hours have ended for your day.

Know and learn how to have a great body language

The truth is this: women have an easier time when it comes to body language, because they have it naturally, while some men are shy. Men might now simply stand up and deny, from their manly pride, saying that they aren’t at all shy, but in fact they are. The reason for being shy is that some people simply don’t like being put in a situation of speaking in front of many people. This effect is even more amplified when the people who are listening are relatives or friends.

First of all, you should know that the eyes are the mirrors of your soul. That means that you don’t only transmit your secret thoughts with your eyes, but you also transmit every single bit of emotion and feeling just by giving a simple look. So what can you do? Clearly, learning to play tricks with your eyes, masking the reality is nearly impossible. So the only way you can actually succeed is overcoming all contrary emotions and feelings you are dealing with.

In the process of getting rid of negative emotions, it’s all a matter of personal choices. You can either move forward believing that the things you are currently doing are the hardest ever, or you can simply believe that all is under control (although the appearances might tell you something else) and go with things as they come to you.

Then, the part of having emotions of public speaking needs to be dealt with differently. What you can do is very simple, but needs to be done. One way to go about this is inviting as many friends over as possible, asking them all to help you with ideas. When more people gather, you will have a better view of what the public opinion means. Your mother of the bride speech will only benefit from such gatherings, because people can be harsh critics, so you will end up correcting every single mistake you have in the speech text. Then, these people can be asked (since they are friends) to sit back and relax and listen to you while you are saying the speech in front of them. Obviously, you might be flooded by emotions on the first encounter, but this is also a perfect way to practice the speech and practice dealing with the presence of many guests at the actual wedding. Then, if these people didn’t help you enough, you surely have a mirror at home. With the help of the mirror and your ideas, you will simply be able to practice speaking and applying gestures all based on the contents of your speech. You should obviously take a timer and measure the length of your speech, making sure it doesn’t exceed five minutes of time.

Of course, even if this wasn’t mentioned above, you need to know that your eyes must be “walking” during the wedding. What does this actually mean? It simply means that you can’t simply choose a sympathy-based person and look at him/her all the time, during the speech. This isn’t correct, not even if that person is the bride. It would cause people to believe that you are disrespectful, self-centered, only interested in what happens to your daughter. No, avoid this! Look at everyone, but only naturally. Don’t force changing the looks or measuring the duration of time you choose to look at a person or another.

Then, it is important to know everything about hand gestures. As you know, public speaking is almost worthless without hand gestures. In the same way, if these gestures are wrong, then it’s also problematic, because the message that is transmitted gets to be changed by these gestures. You can dedicate some time to learn as much as possible, all about what certain hand gestures indicate in one’s expression. Where these things can be learnt from? You can search various books, video instructions and articles that all focus on these things. There are many different types of public speech hand gestures that can be used whenever speaking in front of an audience. A mother of the bride speech is not different from other speeches, it’s also public speaking!

The most specific hand gestures that are associated with mother of the bride speeches can be observed in both movies and short video clips that have been uploaded to video streaming websites that share such clips. These are valuable and free learning materials you can use any time you want.


As a mother, especially since you are the mother of the bride, you are full of emotions. Whenever you think about your daughter, it’s like an inner conflict going on in your heart. One part from your existence is telling you that everything is alright and that you shouldn’t worry because the groom, the chosen one of your daughter, is a perfect match. However, the other part, the other side of your inner self will tell you that there are a lot of potential problems and dangers such as: where they will live, how will they get along, would they fight or not, will they have kids, when will they decide to have kids, will they visit you every other day and so on.

Now, it is all a matter of personal decisions and choices. You can choose to focus on these thoughts and cause yourself a lot of worries and frustration. On the other hand, you can also choose not to focus on these things and decide on having an inner peace and thinking of everything as solved. Aren’t all things solved yet? Not a problem – if you consider them as solved already, it will be easier to solve them when problems or difficulties would come. Let’s face it: problems are present in everyone’s life, but it’s not our duty to be worried. Why is it not good? Very simple: the more you worry, the less you enjoy the moment. The more you worry, the harder you will solve and control the situations that will come to bring you down every day.

So, as far as controlling emotions, you need to make your own decisions and choices, based on which you can tell whether you will be full of emotions and shaking or you will be calm and flow with the moment, knowing that you have prepared in advance and everything is already in control. There are only these two options. Trust me: there is no such thing as “in between”. It is all very simple. Can a woman be somewhere in between being pregnant and not pregnant? No, because she is either pregnant or not. The same applies to all situations in your life: you will either face emotions or not.

However, if you feel a lot of joy and a little bit of stress (stress in the sense of acknowledging the seriousness of the moment and the importance of your speech), it is okay, as long as these feelings don’t control you.

The speech is the moment to speak, so think twice

The mother of the bride speech is the moment to share your blessings and good wishes, and to sow a good seed of bringing happiness into your daughter’s life. Trust me that if you do that, the effect, the “plant” or the “tree” that will grow will make you happy and return the sown happiness multiplied by at least one hundred times!

This is why it is very important to talk about important things and to think twice and decide whether the things you are about to say are important or not. By doing that, you simply assure yourself of making the right decisions and saying what you are supposed to. After all, it is not hard at all, you only need to think twice and speak only positively.

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