bride's parents wedding speechMothers are great in wedding speeches, but it’s not always too easy to give a mother of the bride speech to speak to people’s hearts. This happens because although you might have amazing ideas and although you might speak from the deepest corners of your heart, you might simply miss that one special element in your speech which is the part where people (your guests as well as your family members) feel touched. Yes, I am talking about triggering positive emotions and/or positive memories, just by speaking. More Examples

If you are now asking “okay, so what do I do?” then you are interested and you are on the right track! You will happily find out that the small things will turn your mother of the bride speech into an amazing one, as you won’t need any special talent or extra knowledge to become simply great with your speech. Let’s now talk about different simple, but important things to remember, especially if you want people to feel touched and to make them feel great about coming to your daughter’s wedding!

Honestly speaking mothers are respected

Although some people have no idea, your family members and some of the guests have already found out the realities about your relationship with your daughter as well as your relationship with the groom. So, it’s very important to speak from an honest heart. You are about to give your mother of the bride speech and you have just realized that you have made some terrible mistakes in the past or in the present, regretting some of the things you have done? If that is your case, then what you should do is quite simple. You can begin your speech – after the formal introduction of course – saying that you publicly apologize for the things you have done against your daughter (and/or other people in case) and that you don’t want to repeat those mistakes again and that you have decided to be there for your daughter no matter what happens from now on.

So, trust me on this, if you are honest, people are touched by what you say. Sometimes 20 honest words will speak more than 20 minutes’ worth of fake things.

Share an inspirational story or your own inspirational thoughts

People always feel great, if they can hear encouraging words within a mother of the bride speech. Of course, the bride should be the first person to feel encouraged and loved by her mother. That is truly not hard to show and to achieve! As a mother, you normally care a lot about your daughter, because we all know that mothers are a lot more attached to their children than fathers. This is natural, and it happens because of the 9 months (plus-minus differences) which we call pregnancy.

However, I strongly endorse going towards the personal inspirational thoughts. I don’t say that the inspirational stories of other people’s lives aren’t good enough, I don’t say that some books wouldn’t be amazing in their flow, but it’s different. The value of a personal idea, of your personal thoughts is a real value compared to a value you borrow from someone else.

How to make your thoughts inspirational? In order to make them touch people’s hearts, try picturing what chess players picture. In order to win, they think like “what would the other player do to defeat me”. That’s the way of thinking to use, you should think about:

  • What would my daughter feel like if I said these things?
  • What would the rest of the family feel like upon hearing my thoughts?
  • How would I feel like if I were one of the guests and I heard the mother of the bride speech with such inspirational thoughts?

Make everyone feel special and happy about being there

This is a very simple point. If, by your attitude, people feel like they are more than welcome, if they feel your love and joy for their presence, then they will all pay attention to the things you are about to say. It’s simple human nature and psychology. After all, such ceremonies are organized for the guests’ wellbeing.

Make sure you are open with your body language

You should always use a body language to represent how open you are during your speech and how happy you are to be in front, while giving your mother of the bride speech. By body language, we send out various messages which are all very important. Also, it’s very important for people to know that body language is something which is automatically understood and recognized by others.

Where to learn body language from? The internet is of great help, first of all. You can view video materials, short descriptions or even electronic documents or books on body language. You can also see how the best speakers looked at their listeners, how they positioned their hands, how they changed their voices depending on what the message was. All of these things are crucially important from this perspective.

Being open also means that there is no stress behind. That means that your body and soul is all relaxed, and your voice is warm and calm. Trust me – no matter how well you’d try to disguise your real feelings, everyone will feel that you are hiding something or trying to act like you are good while you are not.

As a conclusion, there are various things that can make a mother of the bride speech talk to people’s hearts. It all depends on you, it all depends on how you speak. It’s also important to have a structured speaking and a very clear and obvious message. Pay attention to making everything flow normally and never let people feel like you were in a rush while preparing the speech or that you were in a rush while speaking.

I don’t say that all ideas have been presented here, but I have tried to put the focus on important things that can help you truly give out a wedding speech message. As a mother, I am sure that the mother of the bride speech is more than important for you and your entire family. Thus, it’s always great to be inspired from various sources and to combine everything into something valuable and unique!

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