While you might completely lack any “professional” training in writing a mother of the bride speech, by following some simple concepts you can make it happen in an even more wonderful way than you ever thought. Women have a different way of speaking and they have more ideas, more emotions and feelings to share, more devotion to what they do generally.

Correctly presenting feelings

happy coupleYou need to have a right attitude in presenting your own feelings. Crying out loudly, in an uncontrolled outcome of what you call “emotions” during the speech is not the right way to present your message. Also, you can’t keep talking about the feelings you have for 10 minutes, trying to make everyone compassionate about you. FIND HERE 25 Mother of the Bride Speech Examples

First of all, the day is your daughter’s day! She is the one being celebrated, she is the one who has a unique event. In consequence, you need to focus more on her than yourself. Still a big question arises: what do you do then with your own feelings? Hide them or ignore them?

The short answer: no. You need to make sure that your eyes, and your facial expressions both reflect the honest feelings, from the depth of your heart, during the speech. This, however, doesn’t mean that you will make it excessive and exaggerated. Make sure that you can somehow be in control of it all. The best way to control the feelings you have is by practicing from home. When you’re alone and you have free time, nobody will ever bother you and you can freely manifest in your natural way. You don’t need to pretend at home, but still you can gain experience because you will be prepared from every point of view.

Then with every feeling you have, there are also words and body expressions. You need to make sure you combine it all into something expressive, simple and elegant. In other words, you need to make sure it’s suitable for the mother of the bride speech. What is suitable for your speech? Anything that shows honest emotions, but at the same time is able to focus on the couple and on connecting with the guests will be a correct attitude.

Speak professional words

What you are probably most intrigued about is how you can speak in professional words, such as one who already has some sort of training and is able to make things differently? Well, you need training, but this training (thank God) is not expensive, because you will do it at home, alone!

What do you need first? You need a couple of very good sources of inspiration for writing elevated words, appropriate for your daughter’s finest event. Here’s a short list of what can become great inspiration:

  • I can’t make a list, because it would be continued in the coming weeks and months until, probably, the movie list research could be complete. Still, there are enough movies (actually more than enough) to show you romance, drama, love, marriage, separation – all sorts of life events you probably had in your family or your close friends know what these movies are talking about. Obviously, when it comes to comedies, it’s not always too realistic, some things are also exaggerated or presented ironically. You don’t need to take the second meaning of reality and you don’t need irony – but take the real parts instead!
  • Today books are many times ignored, and we tend to read articles instead. I am fine with articles and we all are – they are great. Still, thousands and millions of books written only in the past few decades worldwide can teach us so many things. Obviously, no born human ever has the time to read them all, but everyone has enough time to make a valuable selection and read as much as required. It may be 5 books, or for other it may be 50 books. It all depends on how passionate the person is (yes, there are still people who read a book every day or every three days for longer books for at least 30 years). Find the books that seem most valuable and that seem to have the right information for the mother of the bride speech. Again, many genres will be fine and many topics will give you great ideas. You don’t need to read only the books that were written for wedding speeches, but you can take many more books. Finally, you will have so many ideas to use in your speech!
  • Videos of different people speaking at weddings. There are both amateurs and professionals, but mostly amateurs, who posted thousands of videos with speaking at weddings or other events. You can take a look at tens or hundreds of them, depending on your free time. From each video I am convinced that you will learn something great to use and apply in your life. Don’t be shy and don’t feel to wise to learn from others – there are always creative and funny people, who reinvent things and apply them differently, giving us inspiration and new clever ideas.

Yes, this is just a short list, briefly describing where to get words, expressions, and ideas from. Then, once you have the right inspiration and the right ideas, you need to put it all in words in the right order. Let’s see how you can achieve it!

Introducing the speech

You need to present yourself and say a brief mother of the bride speech intro. You don’t need to make it complicated or long – keep it short and to the point, allowing it to reach people’s hearts with the message. Also make sure to captivate their attention, because people are often interested or lacking interest based on the introduction of a speech.

Favorite moments about the bride

Your daughter is certainly the person who you pride yourself with. You love her and you feel great about seeing her turning into a grown up, married woman. With this opportunity and given the privilege to speak, you need to speak the right words about her.

Discuss about her past, about her childhood mentioning only the positive things. She certainly had something special in her personality, in the way she was among other people. Even if there were moments she wasn’t okay, leave that out of the story. Focus on her strong, positive aspects, what she did to bring a change to her friends and family. Maybe she was the one to make food every Saturday; maybe she was just good at learning and entering Harvard. Whatever her gift was and still is – mention it and tell her that you are proud.

Then, a key moment in the mother of the bride speech is to mention the love story bounding the young couple. How did she meet the groom? Where was the location and how long was their first encounter? If it was just, let’s say, 2 minutes, you can make a smooth joke about it and also if it was as long as a few hours, you can also make a smooth joke about it. How to make smooth jokes? It all depends on the way your family understands jokes and the guests, but I will now give 2 short and simple examples.

Joke example 1: They met at Starbucks, and they were like “hey” and “hey”, then waited for their coffees and shared numbers. Yeah, it was just about 30 seconds, but they rushed to have some time to prepare for the phone call and first date.

Joke example 2: They ran into each other on a rainy day, looking at the same laptop at Best Buy. Then, they felt sympathy and started discussing. It all continued outside the store, because they found each other’s company to be more interesting than Best Buy’s laptops. So that’s how their first date was spontaneous and lasted for six hours!

What I wrote above is just a very general example or sketch. You can make up anything similar or totally different – as long as you find it suitable it’s okay!

Then, you need to tell people how these lovers reached to the conclusion that they need to marry each other. Everyone celebrates their decision, so family and guests want to hear again. Yes, most of them probably know the story already but they will still enjoy hearing it again and again. Don’t feel awkward, and tell them how it was!

You also need to speak about your son-in-law

As important as your daughter is your son-in-law. After all, they are both about to begin a new journey together: the biggest journey of life. You certainly have a friendly relationship with the groom already and you need to speak about his positive points and how you appreciate him as a husband for your daughter, and how you feel about their decision. Even if you have something against him (maybe he was late for dinner last time), don’t mention it. Such small conflicts are to be solved privately and are never to be mentioned during weddings.

A very good thing to do is to tell the groom that you consider him as part of your family and that he is always welcome in your house. You need to declare this publicly, within your mother of the groom speech, so that guests also hear it and so that they can appreciate. Even more importantly, the groom’s family members will listen to you and hear you speaking about him in a positive light. This will leave a very good impression, helping the two families to have better relationships.

You can share some advices if you wish

Many mothers prefer to share advices with the young couple. This must not be forced and must not sound imperative. Be calm, and honest. Don’t offend anyone, be selective with your words.

If you dislike the idea of advice giving, simply quote some poem or book, even a song is a good choice. Make sure it’s suitable for the moment, and go for it!

Toast proposal

A toast is the final part of the speech and is also symbolic. You need to wish them a happy marriage and whatever you want to wish, and then raise the glasses to toast for their happiness and success in life. What words are you going to say? You can speak honestly from an open heart, because there is no fixed formula – say whatever you consider to.

Outfit, hair, nails, accessories

Let’s not forget the importance of these! You need to wear the right outfit. You would also have your hair arranged by a professional, even if it’s more expensive. Your nails should be a perfect match with both the dress you have, and the other accessories.

For accessories, you can use gold, silver, anything you find suitable. Make sure that the overall look is a match and is elegant, and then you have a professional look!


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