Although it doesn’t always happen like this, a lot of weddings can occur in the autumn season. I don’t say people don’t organize winter weddings – but they are a bit rare! Anyways, the main idea in having an autumn bride’s mother speech is that you can be inspired from the season itself, by nature and I will now explain how and why it can be a special event for you and your family.

We all know that autumn weddings are more special, thanks to the changes occurring in nature every single autumn. The tree leafs that are changing their colors and the way nature signals everybody, telling us something like ‘hey guys, it’s autumn already’ is purely amazing. MORE Mother of the Bride Speeches

Just to point out one of the many ideas how a bride’s mother speech could use the season itself to get some inspiration, let us imagine having the following paragraph included in the correct section within your speech:

“As I was saying, it’s amazing to see true love to the depths that Julie and Robert were able to reach. The looks in their eyes and their smiles confess everything. I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to have this wedding in this month. Autumn is already in its full grace. I can already picture the warmth, the love and the infinite happiness the newlyweds are soon going to feel, when Christmas time is approaching. Isn’t it true? Just look at them and try to imagine how they will have their first Christmas tree decorated and how they will look at it while drinking a hot tea – isn’t it amazing?”

Even if some of you might say that such a passage should be written in a book, I will clarify it to you: it isn’t only for the books to include such nice parts. Why do some people (I also agree with those people) recommend being inspired from various books you can find, talking about books of all kinds? It’s simply because books truly contain ideas, points of view which are more than special on many aspects of life. The same applies for movies, journals, articles on blogs or in magazines – some of them are unique and have been written amazingly.

Another idea you could use as an autumn bride’s mother speech is your own confidence, which is having your own special colored evening dress and anything else you’d like to represent how it’s autumn. A lot of people will be elegant and well-dressed, but not all of them are going to choose the correct colors, the proper colors for an autumn wedding. This is exactly something that you can use to your own advantage – to earn your respect in people’s eyes and to feel very confident during the speech.

Speaking of an autumn bride’s mother speech, you can have your champagne that has one of the autumn colors. Luckily enough, most champagnes are like that, they have colors that match an autumn theme.

However, your imagination can go a lot beyond the things mentioned above. Another trick you can use is having an inspirational part in your mother of the bride speech, which is sort of a story based on an event that is going on during the autumn season. Such a story can either be made up, real or inspired from another story seen in a movie, read in a book or even a real life event you have witnessed.

Although I tried to present as many approaches as possible, to give you all some ideas on a great autumn bride’s mother speech, you can freely have your own ideas. A lot of people have brilliant ideas, but the only thing holding them back from things that are amazing is their own imagination, because they might say it’s “not creative enough” or “not appreciated enough” or anything like that. Feel the confidence within your heart and take your chances, because it might often occur that the ideas that seemed stupid to you upon thinking of them turn out to be the ideas that transform the average wedding into the most memorable autumn-themed wedding ever. If you think about it – to have such a unique gift for your daughter – it’s worth a try!

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