Be in Control of your Mother of the Bride Speech

Being in the control of a mother of the bride speech, especially as the event gets closer in time, is very hard. You see, there are a lot of things you need to handle and a lot of confusion as to how things should be done. If you follow the tips given here, you will be able to make it all in an easier way, without the stress.

What is your husband doing?

Now, there are different cases. You are the mother of the bride and you can’t let your daughter down, because you must fulfill the position of speaking at her wedding. Then, your husband might be categorized in several different categories:

  • He might be unable to speak. There are men who have more emotions or find themselves not being able to formulate the right words. In these cases, it is quite common for their wives to speak for them too.
  • Maybe your husband passed away. A late husband means that you need to speak imagining that he was there, happy for your daughter. This is probably a bit more emotional, but you need to consider it that way if it’s your case.
  • You are divorced and he denied his obligation to speak. Even if this is the case, you still need to speak.
  • He is speaking too, so you need to give room for his father of the bride speech too.

It is always important for the mother of the bride to speak. Your bond with your daughter is always closer, due to the fact that men can’t always understand everything women do.

So, in conclusion to what your husband is doing – you need to consider him too. If he’s not speaking, it might be slightly easier for you. Although it is easier, you must mention him and you must tell people that your husband also wants to express his thoughts and you’re saying it on his behalf. If he’s shy, try some fine joke to cover him. If your husband isn’t among us anymore, then you should tell people that he would’ve been honored and very happy to see your daughter as a happy bride. You don’t need many words, but you need to be honest.

Then, if your case is that your husband will speak his own speech too, then it’s all different. The primary difference is that you can’t speak about the same subjects. If your husband chooses to speak about how much your daughter likes to read, you shouldn’t tell the same message to be boring for the guests. Being repetitive is never appreciated. However, if you work out a nice strategy with your husband, agreeing that both of you would speak about something different, ending up finally in beautiful unity then it’s worth it.

Don’t make it too long

Many people make their speeches long. By length I am talking about time. The reality of mother of the bride speeches is that they can be anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes in length, sometimes even 10 minutes. What makes the difference and how you decide?

Generally, the lower extreme situation of speaking only 2 minutes is in the cases when you know exactly what you are doing and the main parts of your message are included in those minutes. I have heard some wedding speeches, so amazingly written. They lasted no longer than 2-3 minutes, and still everyone was either laughing, feeling excited or giving a huge round of applauses. This effect is generated by awesome speeches – and you can write one too!

Then, the average category of 4-8 minutes goes to every other speech. If you are not confident enough to speak shortly, respecting structure and giving out the main message, then I’d rather recommend not stopping for anything less than 4 minutes. Of course, you shouldn’t exceed 8 minutes either. In such a speech, you need to learn how to keep the timeframe.

To learn timing, I always recommend taking a stopwatch, smartphone or simple watch/clock and start speaking loudly, just as if it was the wedding. You need to have an almost final version of your speech text, because otherwise the time of your speaking isn’t accurate. Then, you need to measure how long it took for you to tell it all. If you notice time was too short – you need more text. If you were on the extreme of speaking for 15-20 minutes, then it’s either a long speech or it’s either you speaking way too slowly. Still, based on how it generally happens, if someone speaks at home for about 15 minutes it’s not due to slow speaking but due to having a boring, long speech. Excuse me to say that, but yes, a speech that long is very boring. You don’t agree or nobody ever told you? The truth is that since your daughter is getting married, people prefer to be polite so that they don’t hurt you or your family members. However, their attitude won’t be a good one for a long speech. It always ends up in gossip, negative opinions, people starting to whisper, write text messages or whatever. Even if you don’t notice for yourself, it’s embarrassing and proves that the speaker isn’t respected.

Then, when you are certain about having the speech duration adjusted, you are all ready to speak the current version of the mother of the bride speech!

Only propose the toast if you feel the need

While I recommend proposing a toast with the mother of the bride speech, not everyone does it. Some people leave it to the father of the bride or the father of the groom to do that. Still, since we are in the world of changing and modernization, we can know that it’s not a problem if you propose a toast.

If you have prepared a toast text, make sure it doesn’t resemble someone else’s. Maybe some people would have the impression you copied the other person while the bare truth would be like you had similar thoughts. Obviously, a toast proposal is a short paragraph that captures the essence and gives short and honest wishes and congratulations to the couple. In fact, it’s very simple to come up with one, but you need some elegant words and attitude with the toast proposal. Other than that – just raise your champagne glass and enjoy!

Don’t choose the wrong dress

I know that women always want to look good and I understand. It’s normal and it’s fine if women want to look great. Still, I don’t understand the cases when clothes or shoes become a horror during the wedding celebration. What sometimes happens is that you see nice shoes, it’s one size smaller, but it’s the only one you assume to like and you purchase it and decide to wear those shoes. It might all look cool and in control for 30 minutes, maybe even for 1 hour. But then, things begin to change. Maybe your feet already have some small wounds and you don’t see them, but the pain is starting to move signals towards your brain – you start feeling the pain. Then, since it’s too late, you need to leave them on and the pain might be increasing. The only problem is that you can’t go home after 1 hour and you don’t have a backup plan!

Then, with the dress, it’s even more important. There are thousands of dresses, elegant, finely chosen and looking fabulous. Still, some of them would make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure that the size of the dress you choose to wear is a bit (only slightly) larger than your size, because you are going to eat and drink as well. You know that you can’t feel alright if all you can think of is that dress which is squeezing your tummy. Be wiser than that and by choosing the right size, you avoid being frustrated.

Focus on your daughter

The mother of the bride speech is all about your daughter. It’s not about promoting how great of a mother you were – trust me: people know it already and you don’t need to prove it by words or by a testimonial you give out in public.

You need to keep talking about the bride. She is the main subject of the day, together with your son-in-law. It is important to keep the speech paying attention to them. This doesn’t mean you are presenting their CVs or your daughter’s CV. That would be the biggest mistake ever! What you can do – and what you should do – is that you should be limited to talking about major achievements she had related to this relationship (things like finding support, love, happiness) and then talk about how the couple met and when they decided to join destinies. People are more interested in the story of “them” than they are in how they spent their high school years or college years (unless it has to do with how they met).

Don’t ignore the in-laws

The in-laws are going to play a very important role in your family’s life from now on. If you ignore the in-laws or if you try to pretend that they are not important to you, then the future is half-ruined already. Many mother of the groom speeches failed due to this: they didn’t mention too much about the in-laws.

Now, you don’t need to fall for some extreme ideas. You don’t need to be foolish and elevate the in-laws as if they were the center of the planet. You need to keep it all natural and tell everyone about your happiness for joining the families.

Then, probably the second most important thing related to them is talking about the groom. It is not enough to talk about your son-in-law as you talked about your daughter, but you need to tell him publicly that he is now part of your family. You should tell him how you feel about him – that he is now as your own son. These details are very important, for the couple, the in-laws and the guests as well. If you don’t say things like I mentioned here – you will ruin things.

Be funny enough

I also recommend, as a conclusion, that you would be funny with the mother of the bride speech. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and you can still be in control with some humor!

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Advice for your Bride’s Mother Wedding Speech

To create a perfect gifted wedding speech will many times require some clear guidance and some great technique to overcome any of those strong emotions that might stream. As a mother, you will have an active role in your daughter’s wedding. Planning, organizing and many other arrangements to fulfill and delivering the speech in time – all these things will say their words in the weeks before the happy event. Unpredictable situations might give you a dose of headaches sometimes and you’ll feel that everything is getting closer and closer as days pass by.

wedding toasts

However, it is necessary to understand that you have to make room in your busy schedule not only to write the mother of the bride speech, but also to practice how all is going to go. Any mother wishes the best for her daughter and wants to write and perform in a manner that will touch any heart that is present.

The most encountered negative feelings that can make room in your head are related to the presentation. But indeed, there can be times when any speaker lives his or her emotions flowing and all the speech transforms in a melodramatic story line or it becomes too boring. You can avoid all this by following some simple steps that will help you connect with the audience and make your daughter happy at the end of the day. Here you will find 25 Wedding Speech Examples

First, try to acknowledge that you are not at work or at any Oscar nomination, but you are at your daughter’s wedding so act like it. One of the most important ways to lead a pleasant conversation or to deliver a speech is to look at the person that you are talking to, make stable eye contact and then state all that you have to say.

Avoid coming to your daughter’s wedding with notes, because that way you’ll be tempted most of the time to look at what you’ve written instead of the audience. Maybe it is your first time when you are holding a speech / bride’s mother wedding speech in front of a large or a small group of people and you are nervous to do it. More

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Father of the Bride Speech Psychology

If one can understand the true psychology of a father of the bride speech, it becomes as easy as possible to write and speak a speech that captures everyone’s attention. In most cases, the failure of a wedding speech isn’t the fact that the words aren’t good enough. It all comes down to the simple fact that people get bored or don’t feel like paying enough attention to what is going on.

Get to understand the guests

The first part of the father of the bride speech psychology is that you need to understand the way your guests feel, the way they will listen to your speech. Understanding them comes from multiple sources.

As you know, some of the guests are your relatives. They might be closer and more distant relatives, but after all it’s your family. Since you know them since ages, you also know their mentalities and how they understand different aspects of life. Thus, it is not a big deal to realize what they will be paying attention to and what they will expect from your side, as part of your speech. Find here MORE Bride’s Father Speech Examples

However, realizing these things is not all. You also need a winning strategy to use. This can only be achieved if you know what to do with the things you already know. For instance, if you know aunt Marie will not enjoy a joke about marriage, then you’d probably better have the speech without a marriage joke. Yes, these things might be small details, but are all very important. You should also be aware of the fact that people will have to appreciate your speech. Unless that happens, you will have a hard time with your family. This mainly happens because rumors and opinions will begin to move behind your back and you will just get a sense of some things that have happened, without you ever wanting them. These things can be avoided and that’s the best about it. Download 25 Wedding Speech Examples

It is also important to know as many things as possible about the groom’s family. Yes, it is the father of the bride wedding speech you are preparing but with this wedding you actually have 2 families, which have now joined and became one big family. So, now the question isn’t only about satisfying your family’s needs but it’s also about satisfying the other family’s needs. These things being said, you need to understand that you are doing everything for your daughter and not for anyone else. More

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Mother of the Bride Speech Tips and Ideas

Writing a mother of the bride speech can either be something very easy and long-waited for you or it can be the greatest headache ever. But what are the causes of such headaches, since it is all about your daughter? The problem is not about your daughter, neither it is about the relationship you have with her. The only really problematic situation is that many times, when writing any wedding speech, we don’t really know how to do it, we are confused on many aspects. And then, even if we know how one can write it, it’s still a huge issue of being satisfied with its quality or not, being sure about expressing all of what you wanted and things like that.

This article is all about simplifying the bride’s mother speech for everyone. We now want to present it in a real, but easy to understand way, making sure that as soon as you have finished reading this, you will be able to simply write your own speech.

The thoughts, the time before the speech

Before the speech, there are weeks and months standing ahead of you, in which you can simply prepare all aspects of the speech. In this time, you will have a lot of bright ideas, all on how to tell the perfect speech. What usually happens, is that you have a real overflow of ideas, thus resulting in a chaos that is present in your brain. This is not really helpful and it will only take your ideas and time away, causing you to act stressed and have a lot of inside frustration that can’t even seem to find a solution.

wedding toastJust stand up and say no to these things from within! All you need to do is a little bit of organizing and then you don’t have an overflow anymore. The problem we often face as people is that we like to make everything sound very complicated, while they are all very simple things that can easily be achieved by anyone. The truth is that you only need some paper, a pen and making some notes about your ideas.

Then, the paper will probably contain a lot of duplicate ideas. These duplicate ideas are then to be eliminated one by one, because such ideas are destructive and they bring chaos. The simpler the notes are, the easier for you to write the final version of the mother of the bride speech. More

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Advice in writing the mother of the bride speech in 2014

The most important day in one’s life among other important events that happen is the day of a bride’s wedding. In this day everything has to be great and no one should make her feel like otherwise, from the cake, up to the guests who are coming, to her dress and to the reception afterwards and up to the speeches that are being held by different members of the family or by friends, everything must be in perfect order and in place. Download 25 Memorable Wedding Speech Examples As a mother, when you are entrusted with the opportunity of holding a mother of the bride speech, you should make it the brightest day of your daughter. So start to use your charisma, and your creativity to make one of the greatest mother of the bride wedding speeches. You can even take a pen and write down some of the advices that will come in real handy to use and that will provide for the speech. The first advice to follow is to think about what you are going to write about and make a plan about it. Don’t make your information boring by writing a long description, just write only what is essential, and captivating. You can also choose in which manner to present it, you can write it as a poem with a funny note or you can use some story description by introducing some quotes that are for you family like a life guidance, intimate and private moments will help and will be very touching. Don’t copy anything! Be as creative as you can be, use your imagination but also your skills into achieving a unique and yet natural mother of the bride speech. And when it comes to the emotional part, be a wise mother who shows support and understanding, because in many occasions acceptance will make a huge difference. Don’t let other feelings to affect this day, even if in you there are thoughts that might be saying that this wedding should have been delayed or that the person standing next to your daughter is not so suitable for her. More

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Mother of the Bride Speech

bride's parents wedding speechMothers are great in wedding speeches, but it’s not always too easy to give a mother of the bride speech to speak to people’s hearts. This happens because although you might have amazing ideas and although you might speak from the deepest corners of your heart, you might simply miss that one special element in your speech which is the part where people (your guests as well as your family members) feel touched. Yes, I am talking about triggering positive emotions and/or positive memories, just by speaking. More Examples

If you are now asking “okay, so what do I do?” then you are interested and you are on the right track! You will happily find out that the small things will turn your mother of the bride speech into an amazing one, as you won’t need any special talent or extra knowledge to become simply great with your speech. Let’s now talk about different simple, but important things to remember, especially if you want people to feel touched and to make them feel great about coming to your daughter’s wedding!

Honestly speaking mothers are respected

Although some people have no idea, your family members and some of the guests have already found out the realities about your relationship with your daughter as well as your relationship with the groom. So, it’s very important to speak from an honest heart. You are about to give your mother of the bride speech and you have just realized that you have made some terrible mistakes in the past or in the present, regretting some of the things you have done? If that is your case, then what you should do is quite simple. You can begin your speech – after the formal introduction of course – saying that you publicly apologize for the things you have done against your daughter (and/or other people in case) and that you don’t want to repeat those mistakes again and that you have decided to be there for your daughter no matter what happens from now on. More

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Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

bride's mother speechesSome people might ask themselves – so what could wisdom mean, if we are thinking about a wedding speech? The key idea and the key surprise-element we are focusing on here is how you can be wise and amazing within your mother of the bride wedding speech. As a mother, you surely want to make your daughter feel special and keep on visiting you frequently after the wedding and the honeymoon isn’t it? In order to achieve that, you can’t be the ordinary mother or the average mother to speak. You should be armed with surprises, with speech elements that are unexpected yet great. Click Here for Speech Examples

One of my deepest thoughts in life is that wisdom can only come with the perfect combination of knowledge and experience. However, if we manage to spice that up with some creativity, then we can righteously say that we have some wisdom within! So, the main idea is that we will know focus on these three important elements mentioned hereinabove.

The knowledge you need

Since this is not school – it’s rather the school of life – the knowledge you are going to need for a great mother of the bride wedding speech is simple to obtain, but you need to know where to get it from. I recommend, before anything else, that you read as many speech templates, speech tips as possible. Where to read them? Online, I would say. However, it might happen that you find them in magazines, older books or any similar sources around. More

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Autumn Bride’s Mother Speech

Although it doesn’t always happen like this, a lot of weddings can occur in the autumn season. I don’t say people don’t organize winter weddings – but they are a bit rare! Anyways, the main idea in having an autumn bride’s mother speech is that you can be inspired from the season itself, by nature and I will now explain how and why it can be a special event for you and your family.

We all know that autumn weddings are more special, thanks to the changes occurring in nature every single autumn. The tree leafs that are changing their colors and the way nature signals everybody, telling us something like ‘hey guys, it’s autumn already’ is purely amazing. MORE Mother of the Bride Speeches

Just to point out one of the many ideas how a bride’s mother speech could use the season itself to get some inspiration, let us imagine having the following paragraph included in the correct section within your speech:

“As I was saying, it’s amazing to see true love to the depths that Julie and Robert were able to reach. The looks in their eyes and their smiles confess everything. I was just thinking about how wonderful it is to have this wedding in this month. Autumn is already in its full grace. I can already picture the warmth, the love and the infinite happiness the newlyweds are soon going to feel, when Christmas time is approaching. Isn’t it true? Just look at them and try to imagine how they will have their first Christmas tree decorated and how they will look at it while drinking a hot tea – isn’t it amazing?” More

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